(all sortsa typos)

I remember when things used to be better

When i used to write letters To keep you warm through december And write songs for you,

Now all i do is get along with you

Happiness is all i want for you

If i can change feelings i’d flip the switch to stay

to remain in place

Content with who i am today

But im not

I gotta move on an out

Stay strong Don’t doubt

Shes amazing She better without Me

If i wasnt thinkin this way

This letter would have never happened

Your still stuck in my head

Cryin and laughin

Smiling and screaming

Sleeping and dreaming

Beside you I sleep only held by a demon

Theres nothing wrong with you

I just dont belong to you

I wrote this song so you

Can do all you wanted to

And thats the hardest truth I gave my heart to you

But i really need it back Iemme trade this art with you

To be honest i dont know whats really wrong

I feel medicated by music

But sedated by bong

I need to let grow my soul

Before the day that it’s gone

And this road is too dark

To take you along

Last thing i want is to drag you down with me

If Music is a drug Im cracked out; a fiend

With needles, razors and rugs

In a crack house with dreams

And little success to show

But ripped jeans

Im a hot mess on the coldest days

Disappointing myself (shelve feelings

Discard reality)

No rhymes for this part

Just know i still love you

But what is love with a lack of trust, Ounce of greed, pound of flesh?

What is “us” when its all about “Me” doing “our” best?

What is “forever” if “together” Is too much and not knowing why?

What’s weird is i wrote this song

While we were still together

So hung up on forever i ignored today

I used to believe in “us” and wanted “forever”

Then i shut up and quit the games we used play

And life became strange

Instead of hair i grew chains

Instead of feelin the same

Something changed and told me to walk away before what changed was me.

Sacrifice is right I

n time you’ll see

I’m not the romantic i used to be


(not what I used to be

and you ain’t even used to me

so pass me antihistamines

then another two or three)

-detelj 2014

“1989(Kanye West)” -M. Detelj


Now let’s hate on the guy

who gave his all to this

let’s hate on the guy

who took the leadership

Let’s hate on the guy

who if died tomorrow you would love

let’s hate on someone with a dream


Just because

I am love, no

I am unity

I’m energy combined

I was made to move beautifully

There is simply nothing

this world or you

could ever do to me

You fuckin’ with the wrong man

I sleep where ruins breathe

I am Rome, I am Italy

I am my father’s best

I am the phillipines

my mother

her every dream come true

but even though I am all these things

I am not you.

And that is everything, no belonging is stronger

than knowing your identity

no person is smarter

than what you really let them be

the enemy’s in your head

you’ll see with the dead I’ll sleep

at the end of me cuz a friend or three

demand that we

never stop until the world is seen,

I won’t stop until the world is seen


in a minute or hour a shower might clean the power

powerless when around the powder proudly proper

rolled up papers snorting the shit outta life

The game’s just a kid and a wife

But while I’m alive I should strive

put my hands up and touch the sky


I’ma be….

the Wright brother’s on their brightest day

with a side girl like Monroe

good looking…JFK


…I’ma be the president.

An astronaut.

I’ma be something.

Whatever I want.

m. Detelj

DNH- Devil’s Chair(Ft. Tequila Yuen)

Our buddy Wrex Mason from the rising CT super group Coldblooded was kind enough to produce, record and engineer this free track for your ears. We’re really happy with how it came out, so happy that you may hear some more collaborative efforts with Wrex aka Tequila Yuen. Hit the cut down below and follow me on Soundcloud for more free downloads.



ALSO check out his last music video to come out right here!


Out there

there’s a man on the corner of the street selling bags of brown

a woman in her seat with a tear on her cheek in a passenger seat doin bags of brown

she say

“i don’t even do this really any more, though but today was tough and I really to score

but I ain’t got no money”

So puttem on the floor, ho

put them on the floor

Put them on the floor, ho

You know how this story goes

but the question is where?

And how did it start

and why don’t we care

We almost lost our brother in this damn house

we almost lost our brother

it’s not the same now


No this isn’t the same shit

we ain’t the same kids

I sit and wonder where our brains went

like when did it become okay to dabble in demons

polluting a person already perfect in secret

the money you can keep it

I just want my boy back

He just wanna choice back

She just want her voice back


Tonight he made a fat stack

Tonight he made a fat stack

dreams of rolls royce

and a nice pad


Tonight he made a fat stack

Tonight he made a fat stack

Tonight he made a fat stack

dreams of rolls royce

and a nice pad


What if he get it? What would that even mean

I mean how can success and failure be the same team

There’s terror on the streets

Terror in my dreams

I seen terror in his eyes when he look at his arm

what is harmful is this

I said this is harmful shit

how many armfuls exist

in the place that you live

That’s an R.I.P. To Malinowski

and wishful thinking to my friends who need this

the ones who don’t see this better believe

that death is good enough reason

the shadow that never rests

and takes friends when we need them

you know what I mean, that’s an R.I.P.

To Jimmy D. and N.P. And an F.U.

To Mikey T and a G.Y.S.T. To our brother Gene.

I said

Get Your Shit Together

Get Your Shit Together

Get Your Shit Together

’cause you can do better.

Get Your Shit Together

Get Your Shit Together

Get Your Shit Together

’cause you can do better.

M. Detelj

Revolution Music – DNH- 40’s and Cheesecake

It’s been four months since announcing the collaborative efforts of myself and fellow Connecticut artist Rob Holcomb. We released a music video for the single “Bicycles” featuring fellow friends and persona Joey Batts and Criss B which can be found on my Music/Visual tab. But May 1st, 2014, Holcomb, Era Redux and I came together to put out one of the most complete projects we could create at the moment. Era went IN on the mixing and mastering, creating a full sounding album I’m extremely proud of. And did I mention it’s free for download? Tell a friend, we’re here to start stealing the show with every performance. The following album was completely built in Reason 6.5 and 7.

.40s and cheese back




“What’s Her Name”


Your cage with one key

can one kid get lucky

what I mean is can she fuck me

Come Get Me


Cause my girl right now is dangerous, dangerous

everybody wanna get together and get her

yo forget her, don’t let her, it’s better

without her, you doubt her, surround her

When I’m gone

they pounce her

some stay in the back

and act like downers

while alcoholics

creep around her

and rich don’t notice

but one day will say

they found her.

And I’m stillin sippin

whiskey back at the counter

She’s mine don’t you get it

motherfuckers better bring weapons

cause when I’m done fucking your face

I’ll have you left in segments

Everybody’s bitch is pregnant

everybody’s bitch is pregnant

My woman has no kids

they say I’m sittin here in heaven

They don’t know

they don’t know what?

They don’t know

they don’t know what?

What’s her name

what’s her name

what’s her name


Her name is what I say

she’s wrapped in plastic

and get’s no air.

I watch men grope her, pull her hair

slap her face and make her cry

but still she by my side

but still she by my side

she says she’s with me for the ride

and the choice is not mine


I grit my teeth and bite her lip, fuck her hard

and then repeat, don’t sleep

you’ll see exactly what I mean

when visions start to breathe

this me is me no girl has ever seen

she keeps my eye with ass and thighs

my liver pumpin’ she’s my high

the sky at night each star inside

I swear on Caesar she is beauty

rome and it’s capital

this actual lavish girl

just walked into my life

and packed a bowl

then gave me daps on my first toke

unpacked her bags and gave me hope

we talked of forever and let-gos

then made crepes and drank champagne


God damn that was one hell of a night

god damn we put up one hell of a fight

god damn my downstairs neighbor said

God damn and then there’s all my friends

They go What’s her name

what’s her name

what’s her name

what’s her name

Her name is music

her name is hip hop

her name is art

her name is power

-M. Detelj

“By The Throat”

You can lead a horse to fresh water

but how long can he last in the desert

and you in a sweater:

seconds or minutes?

infinite time is addictive

a human addicted to image

is waiting in line at a clinic

for a cup of prescription

pour it up in slow motion

then drown in the ocean

or swim little legs kickin

grabbing for something

but missing, below him

no fishes just life mysterious

with nowhere to go he dives

no breath no cure

so curious

ten, fifteen, twenty-five, thirty feet under

before the pressure of thunder builds upon

lack of oxygen

He’s about to lose a lot again

do you swim to the top

or just keep on in a swim into nothing

searching for something with more cotton than pennies

and when thoughts become heavy

every second’s an anchor

every second’s in danger

these moments you start reflecting on anger

think of your wife, your friends, children

don’t speak to creators


Because it’s sink or swim

and someone needs to breathe again

because it’s sink or swim

This world is all I need, my friend.


Won’t you pick your head up one last time?

If the ocean were air, he’d be floating with angels

suspended in motion

not floating but able

attached to a substance by telephones and their cables


neurotic synopsis would explain your obsession with losses

but prevention of success in obtaining your death

explains your choice is to stay alive when you’ve lost it

your conscious is on though your depression is calling


No longer sinking, we slice water with hands

stripped of our shirts and our pants

reborn anew for a final time

and climb

while the paint goes from black to blue

in the black demons will laugh at you

while Davy Jones sings from his locker

and Moby Dick tries to swallow you whole

In a split second your decision either concludes

or new chapters unfold

It’s your choice; which story gets told?

M. Detelj