Local Rappers

I’ve been chillin’ for a minute on the scene in CT and have noticed a pretty common theme amongst a bunch of local rappers. I say rappers instead of musicians because, in my eyes, there is definitely a difference. The Roots are musicians, you just spitting into a microphone to get your little bit of frustration and feelings out…if anything…you’re some sort of poet. And that’s no bad thing but don’t think for a second that you make music. You write. Until proven otherwise. Back to the point.

Too many a time have I gone and wandered across another fellow CT artist and even written on their wall or sent them a message to get a cold slap in the face of “nothing.” Now, as an artist, shouldn’t we be appreciating any attention we get? Responding back to each of our people and building a trusted fan base? Admittedly, sometimes it can be hard depending on the income of messages but still, if it’s someone you don’t know, say thank you. You might’ve done something for that person by doing that, they might have needed that little bit of a response to help them feel better about themselves because they might not get anyone to talk to. ¬†People aren’t here to serve your little bitch asses, especially the back-packing internet thugs. And you aren’t shit until the world knows your name, not your town and state. Wake the fuck up, change your attitude and start appreciating people as people because, in reality, anyone can do what you do, you are just a rapper.

M. Detelj


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